Through continued education, our Physiotherapists have been certified by Acupuncture Canada to provide acupuncture for conditions such as joint pain, chronic pain, concussion-like symptoms and muscular pain.

Through extensive training and education, our health care professionals are fully capable of providing acupuncture treatment alongside other therapies to better aid with function recovery and to achieve overall wellness.

With over 365 acupuncture points located along 14 meridians, acupuncture works to re-program and restore normal function by inserting fine needles to stimulate certain points on the meridian to free up the Qi energy.

The acupuncture needles used are high quality, sterile and disposables. There is absolutely no risk of contamination between patients. You should always tell your acupuncturist about any medication you are taking as this may affect your response to the acupuncture treatment.

What conditions do acupuncture treat?

  • Osteoarthritis pain

  • Muscular pain

  • Chronic pain

  • Headaches, Vertigo, Tinnitus

  • Tendonitits

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Ringing in the ear

  • Eye disorders

  • Frozen shoulder

  • Post fracture healing