Massage Therapy

Massage helps ease myofascial pain and release trigger points while improving blood flow and oxygenation of tissue by promoting circulation, boosting your immune system, and reducing inflammation. Massage can help your body recover from the wear and tear of everyday life and even injury. Even after an acute injury or surgery, massage helps to decrease inflammation or edema, to aid with an efficient return to function.

Utilizing their extensive experience in treating sports or motor vehicle-related injuries as well as the debilitating effects of stress, our therapists customize their sessions and collaborate with our physical therapists to help you return to optimum function. Help your body stave off the harmful consequences of stress and injury with massage therapy.

Our professionals offer individualized sessions to efficiently relieve your pain and stress.


  • Deep tissue massage

  • Swedish massage

  • Myofascial release

  • Trigger point release


  • Pain relief

  • Stress management and relaxation

  • Decreased muscle tension and stiffness,

  • Recovery from sports training and events

  • Increased joint flexibility

  • Improved circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids

  • Reduced swelling

  • Calming of the nervous system